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1st Dynasty King Narmer- Egypt/Kemet


We've combed the archives in search of artifacts, sculptures, prints, painting and lithographs from many centuries gone by. Our store is stocked with centuries old images of African Kingdoms, empires and cultures. We showcase the beauty of African ancestry through meticulously restored African Art prints, African art posters and African art tees. Africa is not only the Motherland of all humanity but also home to the world’s first advanced civilizations.  We feature exquisitely restored world class African tribal art, African Egyptian art and many other African cultures. African ancestry is amazing at My Amazin Roots. We make owning timeless world class art accessible and affordable. So go ahead and browse and discover how amazing you are. Then claim a piece of your amazing African ancestry for yourself and generations to come with our archival giclee fine art prints, vivid posters and vintage tees.

Khoikhoi Migrate Nile Valley Girls
Khoikhoi migrate to new pastures, 1805 A.D.  Khoikhoi are a branch of the San People. Exquisite watercolor portrait of Nile valley girls from 1851 A.D.
www.black-african-art.com/Ramses IV South Africa Township, 1849 A.D.
www.black-african-art.com/Kemet Royal Women www.black-african-art.com/A Mandinka Woman, 1853 A.D.
Mandinkas are descendants of the Ancient Mali Empire which rose to prominence under Sundiata Keita (1217-1255 A.D.)  A significant portion of slaves transported to North America were Mandinkas.

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Thutmoses III obelisk

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Thutmoses III marble torso and bass relief with tekhenwy (obelisk).  From the earliest times . . .

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